#PHJC Antibiotics in the ambulance for sepsis

This month, The Lancet - Respiratory Medicine published a randomised controlled trial investigating whether patients with sepsis could benefit from antibiotics administered by EMS crews.   I think the results were not quite what people would have expected! In #PHJC style, we are going to have a go at critically appraising the paper. As always, don't... Continue Reading →


EMS2017 – A short roundup

    ‘It takes a system to save a life’ was the theme of the second European Emergency Medical Services Congress (EMS2017), held in Copenhagen between 22 – 24 May. Over 1300 people involved in EMS from 40 different countries gathered to meet, present the latest knowledge and work together during the conference with a... Continue Reading →

#PHJC – STOP!: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy and safety of methoxyflurane for the treatment of acute pain

https://youtu.be/hT8KjgjY1aU   If you’ve ever watched Bondi Rescue, you may have seen the Aussie lifeguards getting injured surfer dudes to suck on the ‘green whistle’ (and if you watch the video above, perform sketchy shoulder relocations). Methoxyflurane (or it’s better known brand name ‘Penthrox®’) has been used in Australia for pain relief for several decades.... Continue Reading →

Prehospital Journal Club

With the rise of Open Access, blogging, twitter and #FOAM, research has never been more accessible, which is great! But this also means, more than ever, we need the skills of how to interpret, critically appraise and implement this research. While some paramedics may not have an interest in pursuing a career in research, all paramedics... Continue Reading →

YOU ****ING ****!!! – abuse in the NHS

When I started writing the draft for this blog, the first sentence I wrote was this: "As a paramedic, being exposed to physical and verbal abuse is almost a daily occurrence". Then I stopped. I thought about how sad it is that this is true. But it is true. I've certainly been on the receiving end. I've been... Continue Reading →

Systematic Review – Part 1: Writing

As I edge ever closer to completing another  milestone in my PhD, I thought I would write a post about the parts that have preceeded this. I admit to being no expert in the field of writing systematic reviews (SRs), but thought I might share my experience of what the process of completing and writing... Continue Reading →

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