To blog, or not to blog?

I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for a while.

There are many popular and great EMS blogs out there, I wasn’t sure I had much to offer. But recently our Research and Development department at the University have been encouraging postgraduate researchers (PGRs) to start exposing themselves more (in a non-perverse way, this time). They set up a programme called 23 Things, based on the 23 Things for research, developed at Oxford University. The aim of the programme is to aid our professional development as a researcher by encouraging us to use more digital tools; blogging, twitter and social media etc.

So this is my first blog. I’m usually a bit cynical about blogs; a self indulgent splurge of writing that only your mother would probably find interesting. Then again, she has been wanting to know more about what I get up to…


Perhaps more people than just my mother will read this blog. I’m intending on writing about my progress on my PhD, as well as any interesting things I might encounter working on the road. I hope it’s mildly interesting for anyone that reads it.


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