Getting ready for Confirmation

After a full month of clinical work in December to help with operational demands, I’m back in uni trying to catch up with my PhD work.

The aim at the moment is get all of my documents that need to be sent off to my transfer (confirmation) examiners ready. This includes the systematic review I’ve sent to be published, my introduction and lit review from my thesis and the protocol for my two studies. I’ve got another 2 weeks to get all of them in order and sent off.

So far, so good. I sent off the systematic review before Christmas to the journal I would like to get it published in and received the reviewers comments back. They were very useful. Even if it doesn’t get published, sending an article to a peer-reviewed journal is great practice and you receive some very helpful feedback. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about whether to try to publish their work or not.

Now I’ve amended the article in light of the reviewers comments and have it ready to send back. Just waiting for the OK from my supervisors.

The protocol: I’ve written a draft protocol for my qualitative and quantitative studies. I must admit, I’m a  lot more comfortable with the quantitative, but this is why I’ve decided it would be good to include a qualitative study into my PhD. I would like to come through this PhD being a well-rounded researcher, and only being able to design and understand quantitative work won’t achieve that. Plus, there is a lot of qualitative work done around and by paramedics and prehospital clinicians, it would be helpful to be able to hold a reasonably intelligent conversation with someone discussing grounded theory or ethnography.

In terms of the lit review, it’s a beast. It’s very long. But that may change soon. If I incorporate the changes I made to my systematic review (basically a concise edit of my lit review) to my thesis, then entire chapters will be coming out. And the ones that make it will be getting a good polish. So this is the largest task at the minute.

I’m feeling quite confident about getting it all done, I’ve got a couple of weeks left, but there’s a lot of other things going on at the moment other than just my PhD. Perhaps that’s best left for another blog!

Hopefully it will all get done in time!


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