“Ghost” smells

Let me share with you a brief insight in to a rather amusing occupational hazard a paramedic may have to deal with in their line of work.

It’s no secret that working as a paramedic you can be exposed to some situations that are rather challenging to the senses. You have to look at, hear and smell some pretty interesting things sometimes. I can cope well with seeing and hearing most things, but when it comes to smell, that’s where I struggle. I expect most paramedics are the same. I’m not sure why God made us like this, but bodily fluids don’t smell nice. And I’m not meaning to be disrespectful to anyone, we’re all the same here. It’s just that I work in a job where you come across these fluids very often. In the confined space of the back of an ambulance. With no windows.

But I don’t mind, I deal with it as a professional. But sometimes outside of work, I experience an unusual phenomenon. I call them “ghost” smells. This is when I will be walking down the street and suddenly my nose will pick up a scent, it could be anything; a flower or some food, a passerby or a strong perfume, but for some inexplicable reason my brain interprets this otherwise normal smell into something unpleasant that I’ve previously come across at work.

I’m haunted by ghost smells.

Many a dinner has been left untouched, aftershaves discarded and walks in beautiful gardens tainted as a result. When I first started as a paramedic these inauspicious hauntings were more regular, fortunately they occur less and less these days. Nevertheless, the scars remain.


I still can’t eat roast chicken and drink red wine during the same meal.




grilled chicken and wine



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