Prehospital Journal Club

With the rise of Open Access, blogging, twitter and #FOAM, research has never been more accessible, which is great! But this also means, more than ever, we need the skills of how to interpret, critically appraise and implement this research.

While some paramedics may not have an interest in pursuing a career in research, all paramedics have a duty to be able to evaluate it and provide evidence-based practice.

The Health and Care Professions Council mandates this in the Standards of Proficiency for Paramedics. Registrant paramedics must:

  • 14.18  be able to use research, reasoning and problem solving skills to determine appropriate actions
  • 14.19  recognise the value of research to the critical evaluation of practice
  • 14.20  be aware of a range of research methodologies
  • 14.21  be able to evaluate research and other evidence to inform their own practice

So, what’s different about this journal club? Well, probably not much. There are plenty of excellent websites and blogs out there reviewing the literature in emergency medicine (I’ll post a list of them later), but this blog is going to specifically focus on research based in or relevant to the prehospital setting. It’s certainly not exclusive to paramedics and absolutely welcomes all healthcare providers with an interest in working in the prehospital environment to participate.


This site is going to share the results of the discussions and critical appraisals done by those that attended a physical journal club at the University of Surrey once a month and then open it up to the blogosphere for further comments and discussion.


If you’d like to contribute a critical appraisal of a paper to be posted on the Journal Club site, use one of the templates provided here or here and get in touch –


We hope you’ll join in the fun!



Other great websites/resources/twitter accounts about journal clubs:

St Emlyns Journal club

Are journal clubs an essential tool in postgraduate education? Yes.

BMJ: Journal Clubs

Twitter account of the Journal Club from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

Let’s go clubbing – setting up a Journal Club


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