“Ghost” smells

Let me share with you a brief insight in to a rather amusing occupational hazard a paramedic may have to deal with in their line of work. It's no secret that working as a paramedic you can be exposed to some situations that are rather challenging to the senses. You have to look at, hear and... Continue Reading →


Organising a conference – how hard can it be?

I love attending conferences. You get to meet other people interested in your field of work, listen to fascinating presentations, and all of the conferences I've been to so far have had pretty decent food (this is very important!). So, last October when the University of Surrey were looking for volunteers to organise their post-graduate researcher... Continue Reading →

How to save a life.

I saved a mans life recently. It may come as a surprise, but it's not that often paramedics get to say this. We help people every single shift we work, no doubt about it, and we certainly contribute a huge amount to the survival of a lot of people. But this man was dead, and... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for Confirmation

After a full month of clinical work in December to help with operational demands, I'm back in uni trying to catch up with my PhD work. The aim at the moment is get all of my documents that need to be sent off to my transfer (confirmation) examiners ready. This includes the systematic review I've sent... Continue Reading →

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